My Story

The journey to being a bookkeeping coach and consultant.

I’ve lived in Northern Arizona (Grand Canyon and Flagstaff), Wyoming, and Colorado. Hiking trails (especially national parks), mountains, dark chocolate, and books are necessary to my happiness.

It wasn’t my intention to start a business much less become a bookkeeping coach. After losing my job during the recession of 2009, I started answering ads on Craig’s List to help business owners with their bookkeeping. Then I became a mentor at a business incubator. The business quickly picked up and I was able to support myself. Except that I never really thought about who my ideal client was. I enjoyed working with most of the clients and that was good enough. Yes, the meltdown eventually happened.

Technology has significantly changed my chosen profession.

At the same time, technology began changing how the accounting profession worked and business became virtual with owners, employees, and independent contractors spread across the country. Routine tasks became automated. Always being a techie, I embraced the technology, looking for new ways to help a business run smoothly. I’ve always been the type to take the broad view of things. Always wanting to know more, so I can make things work better.

A feeling of dissatisfaction started. It turned into frustration and despair. I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong, so I kept going. Eventually, I realized the joy and satisfaction I had felt doing what was primarily number-crunching work, deserted me. Just packed its bags and left. Doing bookkeeping primarily for the benefit of completing a tax return became tedious and unrewarding work. And to be honest, unappreciated work when the numbers were not what the business owner thought they should be. (That’s another story.) There’s more I want to do to help businesses succeed than being a human calculator. Technology is taking over that part anyway.

What I’m Passionate About

It took a while longer for me to realize what remains is my love of sharing my knowledge. I’ve always been one to share my knowledge whether it’s the best trail to hike at the Grand Canyon or the best app to schedule client appointments. As more business owners decided to do their own bookkeeping, I started teaching them how to do their bookkeeping as well as setting up their software. So that’s what I’m doing over at Fix Your Accounting.

I’m a systems person. I naturally look at a process and wonder how I can make it better. It’s a reflex reaction. I’ve always believed that better processes mean time saved and happier customers. Then I realized how many are tech fearful. What comes naturally to me is a struggle for others. (Don’t worry. I’m not one of those people who is good at everything. Tell me to edit a video and I freeze in my tracks.)

The other thing I learned is there is a serious lack of qualified bookkeepers. By qualified, I mean formal training at a college or bookkeeping certificate and more. The more is the gap between how the education world is teaching how to do bookkeeping versus how a modern business is run.

I’ve called myself the accounting fixer for years because I seemed to specialize in cleaning up bookkeeping disasters. Know what? Some of those disasters weren’t caused by the business owner. That’s one reason I chose to become a bookkeeping coach.

Since starting my business back in 2009, technology has dramatically changed the accounting profession. Except that technology isn’t being taught. Yes, you need to understand debits and credits and generally accepted accounting principles. Do you need to understand how to set up a voucher system for accounts payable? Design paper forms to document and gather information to correctly record information? Set up the most efficient paper filing system ever? Absolutely not.

The key ingredient many bookkeepers are missing is how to create and maintain virtual processes to gather and correctly record transactions. Knowing the mechanics of Quickbooks Online or Xero isn’t enough. You must apply accounting theory to the virtual processes.

And that is why I chose to transition to a bookkeeping coach. I want to bridge that gap. To help bookkeepers and accountant embrace technology and create a simply run virtual business. I want to help you understand the accounting behind Quickbooks and Xero so you not only get certified but provide amazing service to your clients.

Everything I learned about running a business was learned the hard way and I’ve made many mistakes. I understand your fears and frustrations. It’s human nature to avoid those things that overwhelm and intimidate you. You cannot do it all yourself and it is okay to ask for help.

I’m passionate about helping you succeed on your terms. No hype, jargon, buzzwords, or formulas. I believe using the right software and technology can help you serve your clients better without making your business seem impersonal. I want to help you start the bookkeeping business of your dreams.

Would you like to learn more about how I help bookkeepers like you? Get in touch.